Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – Diagnosis and treatment

You must specify that is still and quite often diagnosticians impose on patients the analysis of the ultrasound. Its truthfulness should in many cases be seriously questioned.

There is lined with full information about rules for diagnosis of diseases of the prostate. The meaning of the analysis of TRUZI in determining the size of the prostate, in identifying deviations for calcification (calcification), other pathologies. It is carried out by means of a sensor that emits ultrasonic waves through the rectum. 

The procedure is not painful, but in itself is certainly unpleasant and accompanied by a feeling of discomfort. Before it is carried out in order to examine the prostate, the patient must first drink about one liter of clean water. If the patient is examined for problems with urination, the liquid should be drunk directly in the room of the diagnostic center, waiting for the beginning of the urge to empty the bladder.

The reliability of this conclusion, as well as any other is very important, as it can affect the further course of treatment, up to cardinal steps. Erroneous data can either lull the patient’s vigilance, or encourage him to surgery, and it not only does not solve the problem in principle, but also carries in many cases side effects that complicate life.

Therefore, the patient undergoing testing, discarding embarrassment, it is recommended to show a thorough curiosity. If this procedure is paid – even more so.

It should be noted that the Internet has repeatedly criticized the accuracy of these ultrasound machines. Probably, it will be correct to focus on the passage of the analysis in the place where a clear emphasis on its quality is voiced. Not a rule, but rather only properties can match the price.

Objectively it should be higher when services on the exact device. The second determining factor is the professionalism and honest reputation of the researcher. Do not hesitate to ask about it outside the office.

Well, if the results of the TRUZI cause You doubt, do not spare time and check again, and be sure to use another device and of course another doctor.

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